Webinar: A crash course in running remote Design Sprints and innovating with distributed teams

Join here on Friday, March 16 at 2pm, AEDT GMT+11: https://zoom.us/j/985679502 Add to your Google Calendar

Damir Kotorić
3 min readMar 16, 2020

Initially titled “Fast-forwarding innovation with Google’s Design Sprint process”, this my scheduled talk for Geelong Design Week 2020. Coronavirus spoiled the fun and the event was cancelled by organisers.

Now, I’ve decided to run this talk as a free webinar. Join me on Zoom this Friday, March 16 at 2pm, Geelong time: https://zoom.us/j/985679502.

Add the event to your Google Calendar.

Heads-up: the meeting will be recorded and shared on my LinkedIn profile, so if you’re feeling shy please turn off your camera (it’ll be turned off by default for all participants).

What I’ll cover

A quick intro to design sprints. What they are and why we do them. Spoiler alert: they help us innovate much faster than traditional methods being used in many organisations today. Prior knowledge of design sprints isn’t required, but advantageous as some of these topics are a little more involved.

Tips and tricks on how to run a design sprint. I’ve learned from participating in and facilitating over a dozen design sprints at places like Envato, Booking.com, and with professors at Harvard University. Learn from my successes and failures.

How to run remote design sprints. Think you’re a post-it note, whiteboarding guru? Great. But what do you do when you have team members, or entire teams distributed all around the world. I’ll talk about how I proved the naysayers wrong, and have run successful remote design sprints.

Designing for web, mobile, AR, and VR. I’ll try not to go off into a tangent about the specifics of these technologies, but I want to share some tips for how the design sprint process applies to all tech work and use cases.

The future of remote design sprints and innovation. This is a subject I could talk your head off for hours, but I’ll try to keep it brief and share some of the patterns already emerging, and what we can expect for the 2020s.

Utilising design systems to innovate faster. Innovation needs to happen fast, or it struggles to get funding. I’ll share how design systems like Material Design (using Figma) help me create prototypes in days, not months.

How to get budget for a design sprints. While I admit that this is a tricky topic with no silver bullet, I’ll share one trick with a success rate of, hmmm… finger in the air… 50%, that I’ve found to really help with getting buy-in for design sprints.

This and more, coming up this Friday. And a Q&A session where you can share your experiences and ask questions.

See you on Zoom!



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