Let’s create an online homebrew co-learning space!

Damir Kotorić
1 min readJun 16, 2019
The Philosophers Garden, Athens, 1834 by Antal Strohmayer

Imagine a sort of Epicurian comune that you could access no matter where in the world you are.

Inspired by movements such as the Epicurian commune mentioned above, the Homebrew Computer Club, support groups and design thinking workshops, the idea for a online homebrew co-learning space came about.

I imagine a video chat happening once per month or so. You’d get to say hi to people new and old. And there you’d do any number of things. You’d ideate on new life goals, work on any problems you’re facing, discover new perspectives, share stories and get inspiration and feedback from other co-journers.

It would be a space where you’d have the chance to work through you life backlog, and create a space to “do the work” on areas that you don’t get to explore on a day-to-day.

A space where life to new ideas is born.


Interested? Ping me on http://twitter.com/damirkotoric and let’s make it happen!



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